I got into bike racing because my mom worked at the local bike shop and would take me to work with her and let me hang out with the mechanics. Eventually I got a mountain bike for my birthday and the rest is history.  I joined the local club team, Red Zone Cycling, where the coaches helped me develop my training and racing abilities. Eventually, I went on to race in Europe for the Cyclocross National Team on numerous occasions including 5 World Championships and 20+ World Cups. I also raced collegiate cycling at Marian University, where I won 2 Collegiate Cyclocross National Championships. While cyclocross may be my primary racing focus, I do have extensive experience racing at the pro levels of mountain, gravel and road as well. I currently live in Louisville, Kentucky.

I started Dillman Coaching in 2018. Having raced in Europe and all around the U.S. I have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience that I want to share with my athletes. One of the primary ways I do this is through the Coach's Blog which is where I dive into specific aspects of training and racing. I also don't want to rely solely on my racing experience for coaching so I spend a lot of time deepening my knowledge of our sport by reading the latest books and keeping up with the latest training trends to make sure I'm the best coach for my athletes. When an athlete trusts me as their coach, I take it very seriously and want to do everything I can to be the best coach for that individual. 

The reason behind the name "Dillman Coaching" is for simplicity and meaning. I would have liked to have called it "Purple Lightning Power Coaching" but that may have caused confusion as to what the company is. "Dillman Coaching" is simple and straightforward. I'm the coach, you're the athlete, let's win some bike races. You also see a lot of coaches use titles like "Training Systems" or "Performance Management" which really just sound more fancy, but I stuck with "Coaching" because I want to be more than just a performance manager. I want to help athletes balance their cycling goals with their everyday lives. I want to be a mentor, an advocate and a trusted friend. I want to be the guy in their corner when the going gets tough. That's the kind of coach I want to be.

In 2020 I became a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified Coach and added that to my coaching packages. Precision Nutrition isn't just another diet plan or quick-fix miracle. It's a slow process of making lifelong habits of healthy skills and actions. I want to help people feel better and thrive in life.



To push athletes to their limits, encourage them every pedal stroke of the way and be the guy in their corner through it all.



To see the suffering pay off.